The Troubador

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Class Ability[edit | edit source]

Spellsword - +1 to Physical attacks next turn when you deal magic damage

Hero Card[edit | edit source]

Troubador Card.png

Starting Deck[edit | edit source]


1x Ice Blast - 1 Magic damage, Unblockable.

1x Spike - 2 Physical damage, Quick

1x Parry - 2 Physical damage, Block 2 Physical

1x Leap - 2 Physical damage, Block 2 Magical

2x Arcane Swipe - 1 Physical damage, 1 Magic damage

Hero Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Troubador is very combo oriented. The ability advantage gives you at most +1 melee damage per turn, which if utilized with the proper cards can add up over time. It's best to focus keep in mind that it is meant to be a spell mage, and to properly get full use of it's class perk you should take items with magic (Arcane, Fire, Holy) AND melee items. It's important not to spread yourself to thin and to focus on 1 or 2 different types of magic. Also have enough melee card to take advantage of your ability.

Quotes[edit | edit source]


  • "Someone better write me a good song if I defeat this {MONSTER}!"
  • "Do Re Mi Fa So L- Ach!"
  • "Ach! I didn't sign up to fight {MONSTERS}"
  • "~The bard came to a dungeon, a {MONSTER} to defeat~"
  • "~They fought and fought, an end was sought~"
  • "~The hero triumphed in the end!~ (I hope)"


  • "Superb"
  • "~Oh what a glorious {TREASURE}~"
  • "I'll have to take this back for my love!"
  • "Beautiful! Inspiring!"
  • "Maybe I can pay my rent with this"


  • "I feel a song coming out"
  • "Tum te tum"
  • "Tralala"
  • "~A great troubador, from days of yore~"
  • "~Into a dungeon, I'm ... lungin'?~"
  • "~Seeking treasure, it's a pleasure~"
  • "~Finding loot, ... toot de toot!~"


  • "This is old, I need to find somewhere new!",
  • "I've been here before"

No Move:

  • "~I'm all alone, I must bemoan~"


  • "~This is the Guild of Dungeoneering~"
  • "~All our quests, we're never fearing~"
  • "~Oh to be a Dungeoneer~"
  • "~Swimming in pools of gold~"


  • "~There once was a man from Chile~",
  • "*Twangggg*"

Card Fit:

  • "~That tiiiiile, is not worthwhiiiile~",
  • "Nowhere for that {CARDNAME}"