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The Ranger is a Physical based character. Who focuses on fast attacks, giving all of their physical attacks Quick. Allowing them to strike before their opponent. They work incredible well with high damage physical cards, or cards that naturally have Quick on, as their damage is increased thanks to Ranged.

Hero Card[edit | edit source]

Ranger Card.png

Class Ability[edit | edit source]

Ranged - All Physical attacks are quick, +1 damage if they were already quick.

Starting Deck[edit | edit source]

Ranger starting cards.jpg

1x Wooden Arrow - 1 Physical damage.

1x Pierce - 1 Physical damage, Unblockable.

1x Flame Arrow - 2 Magic damage.

1x Steelhead Arrow - 2 Physical damage.

2x Camouflage - Block 1 any, +1 to next physical attack

Notes[edit | edit source]

You can stack 2 instances of Camouflage to grant your next physical card +2 damage, (e.g. Pierce for 3 unblockable damage).

Hero Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Ranger is a great hero type. Making all physical attacks quick is a life-saver, and will allow you to win many battles. However only really pays off on when it kills an opponent - otherwise, quick is no better than non-quick. So early in the battle, use up your magical damage. Save big physical damage, or unblockable physical damage, for the knockout.

Use cards like 'Camouflage' to build up that knockout punch. It's also very handy against opponents that have Bulwark, or are Brittle, or have Fury.

Your ability also gives +1 damage to cards that are already quick, which makes middling cards like the 'Ruffled Shirt' or the 'Crossbow' much more appealing.

However, be careful of the 'Cursed Bow'. It grants Ranged, which you already have, at the price of Decay: it's rarely worth taking.

Quotes[edit | edit source]


  • "Looks like it's time for some real adventure!"
  • "{MONSTERS}? I eat 'em for breakfast!"
  • "Hm, maybe I should have brought some more explosive arrows"
  • "Oh look a {MONSTER}. That'll look nice stuffed and mounted on my wall!"
  • "Time to fill them with arrows before they even realise I'm here!"
  • "Why can't I have a pet to take a few hits for me!?"
  • "I wonder if I can craft some new armour from their skins?"


  • "Treasure? Why bother, I can craft everything myself!"
  • "*squints* {TREASURE}, looks like!"
  • "More money for the Guild. But where's my cut?"
  • "Aha, more treasure that fell for my traps!"
  • "Oooohh Yeah!"
  • "No point leaving that there for the next chump, is there?"


  • "Shouldn't I have some sort of dual-wielding bonus!? Lets see that manual!"
  • "Wandering around when I could be crafting some sweet new armour. I can do that, right?"
  • "Hey! Can you check up on that 'Call Pet' skill? I'm pretty sure I should have it"
  • "Maybe I can tame some of these monsters. Sounds like something a ranger could do!"
  • "Can you believe the Guild is paying me in turnips just because I'm 'outdoorsy'"
  • "Lets see what I can find over here"
  • "Sometimes I long for the open plains"
  • "You could give me something to do battle with you know"


  • "I'm a ranger, I'm never lost! I'm totally meant to be backtracking here. Totally."
  • "I've found some tracks! Looks like a ranger of about my height was here recently!"
  • "Ah yes, I'll just walk backwards across my own tracks to disguise my route!"

No Move:

  • "I'll camp here for a while, I suppose"


  • "Alone. With just my thoughts for company. Wish I had a book."
  • "I suppose I could make a fire from all these trophies I've been collecting"
  • "The secret to survival is not succumbing to your inner monologue. OH SHUT UP"
  • "You know what I hate? Turnips"
  • "*squints* Looks like a safe place to camp"


  • "I have plenty of arrows you know!"
  • "Ow! If only I could dual wield I'd show you a thing or two!"
  • "Maybe if I ignore them they'll go away..."
  • "Enough with the poking!"
  • "HA HA that one just tickled"

Card Fit:

  • "That won't fit anywhere!"