The Most Holy Grail Knight

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Hero Card[edit | edit source]

Most Holy Grail Knight Card.png

Most Holy Grail Knight Cards[edit | edit source]

2x Divine Hammer - 1 physical damage, heal 1 if successful

1x Absolution - 1 magic damage, heal 2 if successful

1x Divine Strike - 2 physical damage, unblockable

1x Fervor - 2 physical damage, 1 self-inflicted damage

1x Flagellate - heal 3, 1 self-inflicted damage

Most Holy Grail Knight Ability[edit | edit source]

  • Retribution - If you take 3+ damage on a turn, deal 1 magic damage

Notes and Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Most Holy Grail Knight starts with 9 health. Of the Tier 3 classes, only one other (the Artificer) has 9 health; the rest have 8.

Retribution triggers based on total damage, not on net damage. For example, if the enemy hits you for two damage and you play Flagellate (heal 3, self-damage 1), your health will stay the same but Retribution will trigger.

Retribution deals 1 magic damage, which is significant: magic blocks played by the enemy will stop Retribution. This is different from the Bruiser's spikey damage, which is untyped and therefore unblockable, so it's an easy rule to forget.

Fervor is a terrible card (equivalent to the Barbarian's Slam), but at least it has synergy with this class. Play it when the enemy will deal exactly 2 damage to trigger Retribution.

Apart from some tricks with Retribution, this is a straightforward and easy class to play because it's got a lot of health, healing, and damage (thanks to Retribution). As a result, it's a good choice if you're struggling with the game and/or hitting Tier 3 for the first time. Retribution turns your health and heals into damage, so increasing your health, damage, and healing all amounts to the same thing, which takes both luck (of getting the "good" items) and pressure (of choosing the "correct" items) out of the equation when leveling up.

Blessing of the Warrior (+1 to first physical damage in battle) is probably your best bet for this class. Blessing of Heal-Aid (+1 health) is equally good, but it's in the Magic tree, so it doesn't help unlock the Most Holy Grail Knight. If you intend to use this class, ignore the Magic tree completely. In the early game, play with the Bruiser (because the Cat Burglar sucks), then use either the Ranger or the Barbarian (both are great) before saving up for and unlocking this class. If you only get two of the Tier 2 Loot upgrades (pick whichever two you want), you'll be able to unlock the Most Holy Grail Knight just before the end of the second "act" of the game.

Quotes[edit | edit source]


  • "Absolution? Nothing but retribution for {MONSTERS}!"
  • "My pure soul will carry me through these trials"
  • "Perhaps it knows where lies the Grail?"
  • "In holy flames may you find peace {MONSTER}"
  • "My faith gives me courage!"
  • "The Most Holy Grail Knight's creed: to defend the weak, the orphan, the widow, and the oppressed!"
  • "Mercy for this one, perhaps?"
  • "This one will lead us to the Grail, I can feel it"


  • "Is it? No. Our Grail quest continues"
  • "I can bring this back to the Guild for their charitable works"
  • "You must have almost completed that new orphanage by now. This will help"
  • "A Most Holy Grail Knight needs no treasure"
  • "More for the Guild to continue it's good work in the community"


  • "A Most Holy Grail Knight, pure of soul and brave of heart, will never falter"
  • "A generous heart is never found wanting"
  • "One must uphold one's convictions, even if no one is watching"
  • "A Most Holy Grail Knight should be a beacon of nobility, hope and courage"
  • "Another empty chamber. Will I ever find the Grail? I must have faith"
  • "Hope is the shining armour which never fails"
  • "Charity and generosity are virtues of the true Most Holy Grail Knight"
  • "Through faith there is always redemption"


  • "I must retread my steps"
  • "I have been this way before"
  • "Back I go, the Grail to seek"


  • "I've got nowhere to go..."


  • "Let me repeat the virtues of a Most Holy Grail Knight to strengthen my faith"
  • "A time for quiet reflection. Let my heart be filled with courage"
  • "The Most Holy Grail Knight need not scuttle hither and thither"
  • "I am never alone for I have my faith and my hope to strengthen me"
  • "Perhaps the Grail isn't here at all. But then why was I sent here?"


  • "The Most Holy Grail Knight must be brave despite adversity. Such as being poked over and over"
  • "A time for quiet reflection. Let my heart be fill-OW!"
  • "What is it? News of the Grail?"
  • "Mercy for the relentless poker, and courage for the relentlessly poked"


  • "I'm afraid that won't fit anywhere"