The Mime

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The Mime


The Mime begins with no specific Trait.
Starts with 6 Cards:
Stage-Presence 2x
Imaginary Box
Imaginary Cannon

The Mime is the first level Hero Class in Guild Of Dungeoneering He has oddly no trait, but his deck is quite good for a Tier 1 deck. His deck contains cards that mostly causes the monster to discard their card if successful.

Hero Card[edit | edit source]

Mime Card.png

Starting Cards[edit | edit source]

Copycat.png Imaginary Box.png Imaginary Cannon.png Stage-presence.png Stage-presence.png Bull-horns.png

Hero Strategy[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]


  • "[wiggling horn-fingers]"
  • "[waving a pretend sword]"
  • "[wild, panicked gesturing]"
  • "[over-the-top worried face]"
  • "[confidently goose-stepping forth]"
  • "[pointing BEHIND YOU]"
  • "[hides behind own hands]"


  • "[overly happy face]"
  • "[counting out some coins]"
  • "[wiggly fingers]"
  • "[over-the-top OOOOOOHHH face]"
  • "[cartwheeling]"
  • "[joyful skipping]"


  • "[peering into the far distance]"
  • "[climbing an imaginary ladder]"
  • "[pretending to row a boat]"
  • "[walking down some imaginary stairs]"
  • "[overly despondent slow walk]"
  • "[tip-toeing forward INCREDIBLY slowly]"
  • "[chin-scratching]"
  • "[looks around while scratching head]"


  • "[slow eyebrow raise]"
  • "[frantically looking all around]"

No Move:

  • "[shrugs]"


  • "[imaginary glass wall]"
  • "[trapped in a box]"
  • "[hands on hips, frowning]"
  • "[arms folded, foot tapping]"
  • "[overly dramatic yawn]"


  • "[falls over DEAD! no not really]"
  • "[startled look]"
  • "Hey, cut that out! [slams hand over mouth]"
  • "[looks right at YOU, frowning]"
  • "[dodging imaginary arrows]"
  • "[waggles finger at YOU]"

Card Fit:

  • "[shrugs]"