The Chump

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The Chump

The Chump.png

The Chump begins with no specific Trait.
Starts with 6 Cards:
Eyes Closed Punch 3x
Lucky Hit
Cower 2x

The Chump is the basic starter Hero in Guild Of Dungeoneering. You'll begin with them.

Hero Card[edit | edit source]

Chump Card.png

Starting Cards[edit | edit source]

Eyes Closed Punch.png Eyes Closed Punch.png Eyes Closed Punch.png Lucky Hit.png Cower.png Cower.png

Hero Strategy[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]


  • "Who fills a dungeon with {MONSTERS}!?"
  • "This way looks sa- WHOAH!"
  • "Yeah, I THINK I can take it.."
  • "Oh god not a {MONSTER}"
  • "Well lets get this over with"
  • "Two years in Chump school for this?"
  • "{MONSTERS} drop loot, right?"


  • "SHINY"
  • "That looks a bit like a {TREASURE}"
  • "Is that.. {TREASURE}!"
  • "THIS is why I'm a dungeoneer!"
  • "Oooohh Yeah!"
  • "Ooh gimme"
  • "Cha-CHING!"


  • "On we go.."
  • "A dungeoneer's life is never dull.."
  • "I think I'm lost"
  • "Eyes closed this time"
  • "The Guild isn't paying me enough for this"
  • "Maybe over here"
  • "I hope this place has a tavern"
  • "This way looks safe"
  • "You could make this more fun you know"
  • "Why didn't I bring my 10 foot pole?"


  • "This looks vaguely familiar"
  • "Hm.. was I already here?"
  • "I feel like I'm going in circles"


  • "I've got nowhere to go..."


  • "Come on! Do SOMETHING!"
  • "So.. bored"
  • "Why can't I move now? Oh yeah you're playing those cards.."
  • "..."
  • "zzzzZZZ"
  • "*sigh*"
  • "I wish I was back at my nice warm room in the Guild"
  • "*YAWN*"
  • "Are you AFK?? Don't leave me here!"


  • "Ow - that hurt!"
  • "Please stop clicking me"
  • "What if I were to poke YOU instead!?"
  • "Stop that"
  • "Cut it out!"


  • "I don't think that can fit anywhere right now.."
  • "And just where would that {CARDNAME} fit?"
  • "There's nowhere that can fit that {CARDNAME}"
  • "That won't fit anywhere!"
  • "There's no space for that {CARDNAME}!"