The Cartomancer

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The Cartomancer[edit | edit source]

Class strategy involves draw as many card as possible then use class specific card to deal massive damage scaled with number of cards in hand. Have great synergy with Crone's Shrine upgrade (+1 hand size, Arcane I) and Arcane IV card (heal 3 hp, draw 2 cards). Very strong late game with flexible item choice, slightly deck dependence early on.

Weak against monsters with Tenacious.

A tactic can also be employed using a Cartomancer with the Cerebrate card. Arcane cards make it easy to increase your hand size, as does the Cartomancer's ability to draw cards upon taking 2+ damage. This makes it very easy to draw a full deck into your hand and spam Cerebrate to heal 3 and draw 2. In the case that another card must be played, it can be followed on the next turn with Cerebrate to again fill your hand. When sufficiently healed to 30+ health points, a Card Storm can be unleashed to defeat most enemies in one hit due to having your entire deck in hand.

Hero Card[edit | edit source]

Cartomancer Card.png

Cartomancer Cards[edit | edit source]

1x Original Edition - 2 magic damage

1x Card Storm - 1 magic damage for each card in hand (doesn't count itself), discard 4

1x Card Flick - 1 physical damage, unblockable, quick

1x Paper Shield - 1 physical block for each card in hand (doesn't count itself)

1x Counterplay - 1 magic damage, 2 magic block

1x Heart of the Cards - Heal 1, Draw 1

Cartomancer Ability[edit | edit source]

  • Rules Lawyer - If you take 2+ damage on a turn, draw a card

Notes and Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Cartomancer class has very good synergy with the Swift and Arcane ability trees. If possible, get one or both trees to 4th level. Taking a level of Stupidity from the Net (Swift 3, Stupid 1) isn't a big issue for the Cartomancer, because you'll be drawing plenty of extra cards thanks to Rules Lawyer (If you take 2+ damage on a turn, draw a card). In the end, the Stupid card is just one more damage when you play Card Storm.

It can be tempting (and highly satisfying) to try and get your whole deck out before using Card Storm (1 magic damage for each card left in hand, discard 4), but that can lead to tragedy if you don't have enough defense or healing to soak attacks.

Quotes[edit | edit source]


  • "I thought {MONSTERS} were removed in the last edition?"
  • "Dungeoneering First Edition had far superior {MONSTERS}"
  • "According to subsection 3.2 of the manual it should not be possible to encounter this here"
  • "Are the stats right on that {MONSTER}?"
  • "Please read the description for the Fury trait carefully, ok. It's all explained there. GOD"
  • "Remember which icon means UNBLOCKABLE this time OK?"
  • "The stack-based effect-resolution timing chart in the manual is clear. Quick attacks go first"


  • "YESSSS! I can buy more tiny figurines for my collection with this!"
  • "According to this errata scroll that {TREASURE} should be a level higher"
  • "I'm not sure these tiles are correctly lin- {TREASURE}!"
  • "Maybe I can expand my card collection with some more foil cards now!"
  • "Remember when HOPE cards had equipment too? No? Filthy casual"


  • "I heard from my friend's uncle that this dungeon has a secret lower level"
  • "Have you heard about the new loot coming out in the next edition? So OP"
  • "I'm not sure these tiles are correctly lined up. Do you have a ruler?"
  • "You can put monsters in these rooms you know. Did you even read the manual once?!"
  • "I'm going to resleeve my card collection tonight"
  • "Oh no. Nononono. One of my cards is becoming FRAYED AT THE EDGES"


  • "The manual specifically says I get TWO moves if I've been to the first room and it's empty"
  • "Oh god I think I'm lost"
  • "Isn't there something in the manual about moving twice?"

No Move:

  • "Stuck. I suppose I could shuffle my battle deck again"


  • "Want to see a magic trick? OK you think of a card"
  • "Are there wandering monsters in this edition?"
  • "I've already memorised all the errata for this edition"
  • "I heard there's more cards coming in the next edition!"
  • "Where's my copy of the manual gone?"


  • "The rulebook clearly says that clicking me doesn't achieve anything"
  • "You're just jealous of my complete card collection!"
  • "Stop that I'm trying to shuffle here!"
  • "Hey! I was trying to count my rare cards and now I've lost count!"

Card Fit:

  • "That can't fit anywhere. Did you even READ the manual at all?"