The Bruiser

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The Bruiser


The Bruiser begins with the Spikey Trait.
Starts with 6 Cards:
Oi! 2x
You Tryin' Something 2x
Get Outta Here
How Do You Like This?
Nice Try, Chump

The Bruiser is the first level Hero Class in Guild Of Dungeoneering. The Hero begins with the Spikey Trait.

Hero Card[edit | edit source]

Bruiser Card.png

Starting Cards[edit | edit source]

Oi!.png Oi!.png You Tryin' Something.png Get Outta Here.png How Do You Like This.png Nice Try, Chump.png

Hero Strategy[edit | edit source]

You can use the Spiky trait to damage enemies by using defensive cards to block their attacks. Usfull when you are fighting mobs at low level/loot.

Quotes[edit | edit source]


  • "OI {MONSTER}!"
  • "Summink to PUNCH!"
  • "You what?"
  • "Ere what d'you fink you're lookin at {MONSTER}"
  • "I'll bash you!"
  • "What is you lookin' at!? I'll 'ave you"
  • "No offense but, {MONSTERS} is well ugly, innit"
  • "Watch it {MONSTER} or I'll have me bruvver bash ya"


  • "That's well shiny"
  • "Give us that {TREASURE}"
  • "Ah yeah give us that {TREASURE}!"
  • "Havin' that"
  • "Send me that!"
  • "Minted"
  • "Proper blingin'"
  • "{TREASURE}? I'm havin' that mate"


  • "Give us something to bash, mate!"
  • "What you got there? More cards?"
  • "You wot? This is well dumb"
  • "Lets bounce"
  • "What's this? There's nuffink here an' all"
  • "No offense, but give us somethin' to do yeah?"
  • "More nothin', innit"


  • "Ah no I wuz here before and all"
  • "D'you even know what yer doin' mate?"
  • "This is right stupid"

No Move:

  • "I'm proper stuck 'ere"


  • "No but yeah, knowhaddimean?"
  • "Nuff said, mate"
  • "This is proper borin'"


  • "Am I bovvered?"
  • "Am I bovvered though?"
  • "Look at my face. Is it bovvered?"
  • "Arks me if I'm bovvered!"
  • "Look, face, bovvered?"

Card Fit:

  • "That won't fit nowhere!"