The Artificer

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The Artificer[edit | edit source]

Has the ability to only get items you have "purchased" as guild expansion, primary starting skills is magic, draw cards and heal.

A weak character due to a poor starting deck, compared to other classes of this tier. The lack of a quick attack really hurts this class. Fantastic once it gets off the ground, but has many false starts.

Hero Card[edit | edit source]

Artificer Card.png

Starting Deck[edit | edit source]

Artificer starting cards.jpg

1x Zap-o-matic - 2 magic damage [unblockable], +1 hp

1x Spike-o-shield - Block 2 physical, 1 physical damage

1x Static Field - Block 1 magic, 2 magic damage

1x Brain-Enchance Serum - Draw 2 cards, +1 hp

1x Reflecting Ray - 1 magic damage per damage taken this turn

1x Thought Extractor - 2 magic damage: Copy top enemy card to your hand

Note[edit | edit source]

Inventive - Never find common loot

Quotes[edit | edit source]


  • "Ooh! I need a {MONSTER} heart for my experiments!"
  • "I've heard about {MONSTERS} before"
  • "If only I brought my {MONSTER} disintegrator"
  • "Fascinating!"
  • "It better be carrying some good loot..."
  • "There's so much we can learn about {MONSTERS}"


  • "I need a {TREASURE} to finish off my frangulator!"
  • "Perfect, a {TREASURE} for my collection"
  • "A {TREASURE}!? I can't leave that here!"
  • "Another {TREASURE} for the pile"
  • "Ooh, this one's special!"


  • "I wish I'd brought my Ectograph"
  • "Such an interesting dungeon"
  • "On we go!"
  • "Hope I find something worth studying"
  • "I must write up my findings"
  • "Maybe over here"
  • "I need a map"


  • "I'm sure I've seen these markings before"
  • "Definitely been here already"

No Move:

  • "I've got nowhere to go..."


  • "I need to get back to my workshop!"
  • "Come on, I've got stuff to do"
  • "Are you still there?"


  • "Ow! I'll invent something to poke *you* if you're not careful!"
  • "Cut it out!"

Card Fit:

  • "My terragraph is beeping, that won't fit!"