The Apprentice

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The Apprentice


The Apprentice begins with the Talented Trait.
Starts with 6 Cards:
Fire Shield 2x
Sparks 2x

The Apprentice is the first level Hero Class in Guild Of Dungeoneering. The Hero begins with the Talented Trait.

Hero Card[edit | edit source]

Apprentice Card.png

Starting Cards[edit | edit source]

Fire Shield.png Fire Shield.png Intuition.png Sparks.png Sparks.png Zap.png

Hero Strategy[edit | edit source]

Obviously, go for loot that boosts your flame magic.

Quotes[edit | edit source]


  • "More {MONSTERS}? Simply dreadful."
  • "Oh the majestic {MONSTER}. A fine specimen too!"
  • "This never used to happen in finishing school!"
  • "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori, as they say. But for one's Guild?"
  • "Fortes fortuna iuvat, indeed!"
  • "By Jove, if it isn't a {MONSTER}"
  • "I don't suppose we could simply exchange pleasantries instead of more boorish duelling?"
  • "They really have let this place go haven't they. {MONSTERS} everywhere."


  • "Where has my manservant gotten to? Am I to carry all this myself?"
  • "{TREASURE}! Nulli secundus, indeed"
  • "Oh bother, another {TREASURE} to weigh me down"
  • "Ad praesens ova cras pullis sunt meliora, as I always say!"
  • "More specie? Perhaps we can renovate that worn-down old guild with this"
  • "Good grief! Who leaves {TREASURE} just sitting on the ground like this"
  • "{TREASURE}? Simply vulgar!"


  • "Capital, old bean, and jolly good show too!"
  • "Well well well, let's see then"
  • "Which way? This way! Alea iacta est, you know"
  • "Oh no, not more bothersome trudging about"
  • "I never thought I'd miss that grubby old guild room"
  • "Onwards, companions! Oh that's right it's just me"
  • "I hope this place has decent library, at least"
  • "Perchance I can write about this in my journal"
  • "Gosh! That awful smell!"


  • "One finds oneself doing more aimless meandering than one would prefer"
  • "I hope YOU know what we should be doing with ourselves in here"
  • "Hopelessly lost! If only daddy were here to fix all this"

No Move:

  • "I suppose we'll just stand right here then, shall we?"


  • "You must come see our chateau in the summertime. Simply fabulous!"
  • "... so there we were enjoying our brandy after dinner when all of a sudden Lady Ludwig burst into ..."
  • "You wouldn't believe the absolute oafs they have let into this guild!"
  • "Perhaps they have simply abandoned me here? Most egregious."
  • "Lets all just stand around, shall we?"
  • "I am starting to believe I'm not part of the dramatis personae here."


  • "Darling, what is it?"
  • "Would you mind holding off on the incessant poking? I'm trying to think"
  • "By Jove, you wouldn't do that if I had my manservant here to teach you a lesson!"
  • "It seems they'll let ANYONE become a guild master, these days"
  • "oof. Dum spiro spero, I suppose"
  • "OW! I was trying to record my most precious thoughts in my private journal you oaf!"

Card Fit:

  • "There's nowhere for that to go right now, is there old bean?"