The Alchemist

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The alchemist is a magic based character. The alchemist naturally starts with the skill Blessing, which adds 1 extra HP to any healing cards.

Alchemist has the least hp of all second tier classes, 5 hp compares to 6. Because of his +1 healing passive, focusing to outlast any opponents. Strong in early to mid game but their usefulness falls off in late game as the opponents' damage increased to a point where +1 healing can't out heal.

Can be exceptionally powerful if item unlocks are purchased strategically, giving a better than average chance of raising the growth, arcane, and holy trees; raising healing ability to outpace monster damage.

Hero Card[edit | edit source]

Alchemist Card.png

Class Ability[edit | edit source]

Blessing - Adds +1 healing to any healing cards.

Starting Deck[edit | edit source]


2x Flask of Acid - 2 Magic damage.

2x Flask of Healing - 1 Healing. (+1 from Blessing)

1x Flask of Lightning - 1 Magic damage, Quick.

1x Flask of Pixie Tears - Block 2 Magic, +2 Magic damage on your next magic attack.

Quotes[edit | edit source]


  • "{MONSTER}! Reminds me of my half-cousin Derrik"
  • "One two three, time to throw my flasks at thee"
  • "Drink it up! Drink it down! Washes all the poison down"
  • "Not as far fetched as a dragon with six tails and no head"
  • "Trickery stands upon someone else's legs"
  • "You can always tell which of your guildmates is out to get you, you know"
  • "I think we're almost out of pixie tears. Is that a pixie?"
  • "This is making my teeth itch"


  • "A token of gratitude and insincerity"
  • "For me, for me, for me, and none for you at all"
  • "Oh yes, this will come in handy against the voices"
  • "One for you and one for me and none for them"
  • "I'll count to three while you go over there"
  • "Merrily merrily on we go, for no one knows why we go"
  • "A glittering gem is nonsensical, but lets find one anyway"
  • "A principal idea is belief in the interrelatedness of all things"


  • "Beware mirrors! You never know who's looking back at you"
  • "Would you mind fetching me some more myrtleberries?"
  • "An enigma revels in authority. An authority is always an enigma."
  • "Camouflage paint is good for you. Drink it down!"
  • "Nothing sees the sun and remains the same"
  • "Tranquility is not yet ready to die"
  • "I hate indecision. Or is it certainty I hate? Yes. No"
  • "A little more time in my laboratory and I'll have the solution"
  • "I think I need a little topup. Lets see, maybe this one?"
  • "The light at the end of the tunnel always strikes first"


  • "Utter nonsense is always a pleasure"
  • "What? No we didn't! We were never here"
  • "Dance together round and round, round and round and round we go"

No Move:

  • "Sit still. Stand up. Don't drink that"


  • "No, no nono not the voices again. SHUT UP!"
  • "Always time to concoct something, isn't there? Yes, yes"
  • "I dreamed it was all a game and nothing I did mattered to anyone"
  • "You'd mutter too if you'd seen what I've seen"
  • "I've seen the ending you know. I know how it all ends!"
  • "Maybe a little more naphtha? Or some agaric? Both!"


  • "You dare interrupt me?! Only I interru-STOP THAT"
  • "Can't I rest my eyes for a second? A SECOND"
  • "The person you were before would kindly enquire after your health"
  • "Stupidity is doing the same thing, over and over"
  • "Clear water gambles with lives, happiness, and destiny itself!"
  • "Hey! Who's doing that? I don't know, why don't you ask?"

Card Fit:

  • "No no no NO! That won't do at all"