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As an Adventurer go on Adventures & Quests in Guild Of Dungeoneering.

Detailed Quest Table

List Of Adventures[edit | edit source]

Quest 1: Squeak squeak - Everyone's gotta start somewhere
Quest 2: Rat Pack - Defeat the rat king!
Quest 1: Fiery Foray - Scope out Embro's defences
Quest 2: Scorching Spoils - Loot all of Embro's treasure
Quest 3: Bath Bomb - Defeat Embro
Quest 1: Lovely loot - Chests full of treasure!
Quest 2: Terrible Truth - Get strong enough to beat the mimic before she catches you!
Quest 1: Goblin Menace - Take out the guards
Quest 2: Orcs! - Defeat the big orc
Quest 1: Test your mettle - Defeat a Skeleton!
Quest 2: Flee! - Defeat a minotaur
Quest 3: Dark duel - Defeat the Black Knight!
Quest 1: Curious Crypt - Get to the ritual chamber in time!
Quest 2: Shady Summoning - Destroy the Evil Lich
Quest 1: Ocular Rift - Find your way into the eye-beast's lair
Quest 2: Starting Match - Steal the orb of nosiness
Quest 1: Grab - Steal the sapphire
Quest 2: Run - Get out before the roof collapses!
Quest 1: Why'd it have to be snakes - I hate snakes
Quest 2: Stony Stare - Defeat Medusa before you get turned to stone!
Quest 1: Venture deeper - Into the jungle in search of treasure
Quest 2: Eatin' Ettin - He's ganging up on you!
Quest 1: Wild Life - Defend yourself!
Quest 2: Awakened - Defeat the chimera!
Quest 1: Assassination - Defeat the ogre while he's still sleepy
Quest 1: Heist - Steal 3 chests
Quest 2: Revenge - Defeat the angry Dragon!
Quest 1: Tools down - Disrupt the mining operation
Quest 2: Troll attack! - The miners set a troll on you
Quest 1: Mine Patrol - Defeat the Cyclops
Quest 1: Steal it all! - Grab some piles of ore
Quest 2: Get out alive - Defeat the sentry before it shoots!
Quest 1: Deeper and deeper! - Venturing deeper into the mines you run into vampires!
Quest 2: Caught!
Quest 1: Workshop infiltration - Get into the secret workshop
Quest 2: Demolition - Destroy the masterpiece
Quest 1: Security - Take out the guardians of the magnate
Quest 2: Get inside - Get into the magnate's boardroom
Quest 3: Win big - Kill the dwarf magnate before you get trapped!
Quest 1: Rough them up - Defeat some old faces
Quest 2: Operation: Ivory League sucks - Plant the evidence