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These are the Monsters you might face in the Dungeons in the Guild Of Dungeoneering. For a full list of Monster Abilities, click on any of the card sets listed below.

Area Name Level Hearts Cards Special Abilities
Jungle Air elemental 3 9 Sorcery III,Irritable III Bulwark,Wandering
Mines Albino Goblin 1 8 Ghoulish II,Rage II,Irritable I Tenacious,Night Owl
Cove Ancient Mariner 3 10 Armed III,Irritable III,Stupidity I Decay,Rum
Final Angry Bunny 4 14 Demonic IV,Burly IV,Rage IV,Irritable V,Feral V Fury,Skilled,Mundane
Grasslands Bandito 3 7 Armed V Loner
Grasslands Bear Owl 3 7 Nature III,Armed III,Feral II Fury
Grasslands Black knight 4 10 Armed V,Death V Mundane
Mines Blind Worm 2 11 Stupidity I,Demonic II,Ghoulish III Sluggish,Night Owl
Jungle Bloodstarved Bat 1 6 Rage II,Spooky II Predictable
Cove Buccaneer 3 9 Armed II,Rage IV Fury,Aggressive,Crewmate
Cove Bullseye Bill 4 12 Irritable V,Burly III,Gunnery II,Armed II,Pickpocket II Bulwark,Crewmate
Cove Cabin Boy 2 7 Armed III,Irritable III,Stupidity I Mundane
Cove Captain Rosalita 4 14 Rage II,Irritable IV,Pickpocket IV,Armed IV Skilled,Crewmate
Mines Cave Troll 3 9 Burly III,Rage IV,Irritable II Fury,Aggressive
Jungle Chimera 4 9 Venom II,Rage II,Feral II Fury
Mines Clattering Bones 2 10 Burly II,Demonic II,Ghoulish III Brittle
Cove Cleaver Joe 4 13 Flame II,Rage II,Irritable III,Burly II,Pickpocket III Fury,Rum,Respite
Cove Crab King 4 12 Spooky IV,Armed V,Nature I Tough,Spikey,Leader
Cove Cranky Parrot 3 9 Feral V,Pickpocket II,Nature I,Stupidity II Ferocious
Mines Cursed Mummy 3 13 Demonic I,Ghoulish IV,Irritable III Brittle
Mines Cyclops 4 12 Burly IV,Ghoulish II Sluggish
Cove Deckhand 1 7 Armed III,Rage III,Stupidity I
Mines Digger 1 8 Burly III,Rage II Brittle,Leader
Jungle Dire Scorpion 3 8 Burly II,Nature II Bulwark
Jungle Dragon 4 11 Flame V,Demonic II,Sorcery II
Mines Dwarf Magnate 4 10 Demonic II,Sorcery IV Fury
Mines Dwarf Masterpiece 4 13 Venom IV,Sorcery IV Brittle
Mines Dwarf Mecha 4 14 Burly IV,Sorcery III Predictable,Frail
Mines Dwarf Sentry 4 12 Burly III,Demonic II Retribution
Mines Dwarven Explosives 1 7 Venom I,Demonic II,Sorcery I Retribution
Mines Earth Elemental 3 11 Burly III,Demonic II Brittle
Cove Eel 1 6 Electrical III,Aquatic II,Nature I,Venom III
Grasslands Embro 4 10 Irritable V,Armed V,Flame V Skilled
Jungle Ettin 4 13 Rage III,Stupidity I,Demonic II Sluggish
Grasslands Lich 4 13 Death V,Spooky V Frail
Grasslands Eye Beast 4 11 Death V,Flame V Frail
Grasslands Fire Elemental 3 8 Flame IV,Death IV Burn
Grasslands Fire Imp 1 5 Flame III,Stupidity I Night Owl
Cove First Mate 3 9 Armed II,Burly III,Gunnery II,Irritable III,Pickpocket II Crewmate
Cove Fishbone 4 15 Feral III,Electrical II,Aquatic IV
Cove Flaming Gallah 3 9 Flame IV,Feral V,Rage I,Nature I,Pickpocket III Burn,Ferocious
Jungle Frenzied Goblin 1 6 Rage II,Armed II Fury,Aggressive
Jungle Gargoyle 3 10 Demonic III,Feral III Brittle
Mines Gelatinous Cube 2 8 Venom II,Demonic II Tenacious
Mines Genii 3 9 Demonic II,Sorcery III
Grasslands Ghost 2 5 Death III,Spooky IV Tenacious,Night Owl
Cove Ghost Pirate 3 10 Sorcery III,Death II,Pickpocket II Bulwark,Aggressive
Grasslands Giant Bat 1 4 Spooky III,Feral II Loner
Cove Giant Crab 2 9 Spooky II,Armed V,Aquatic III,Nature I Tough
Grasslands Gnoll 2 6 Nature II,Irritable III,Armed II Fury
Grasslands Goblin 1 6 Armed II,Irritable III
Grasslands Gray Ooze 1 7 Flame II,Spooky II,Death I Mundane
Cove Grey Beard 4 14 Armed IV,Irritable IV,Stupidity I Decay,Rum
Cove Gunner 2 7 Armed III,Burly II,Rage II,Gunnery IV Spikey,Rum
Jungle Harpy 2 8 Demonic II,Feral III
Cove Hermit Crab 2 9 Armed IV,Aquatic III,Nature I Tough
Jungle Hilly Gnoll 2 8 Irritable I,Burly II,Armed II Fury
Mines Infected Slime 1 10 Venom III,Ghoulish II Decay
Jungle Jungle Shaman 3 8 Flame III,Sorcery III Leader
Jungle Jungle Warrior 1 6 Burly II,Nature III Leader
Jungle Leggy Spider 1 7 Venom III,Spooky II Frail
Jungle Lizardman 2 8 Burly II,Nature III Night Owl
Jungle Maneating Plant 2 8 Venom III,Stupidity I
Cove Master Gunner 3 14 Gunnery V,Burly II,Armed II,Rage II Tough,Spikey,Aggressive
Jungle Medusa 4 8 Venom III,Demonic II,Ghoulish II Night Owl
Cove Mermaid 1 7 Aquatic III,Irritable V,Feral V Mundane
Cove Merman 2 8 Aquatic IV,Irritable V,Feral V Mundane
Grasslands Mimic 2 7 Death III,Irritable III,Feral III
Grasslands Mimic Queen 4 11 Death V,Irritable V,Feral IV Brittle
Mines Miner 1 6 Burly III,Rage II Fury,Leader
Grasslands Minotaur 3 10 Armed IV,Irritable V Fury,Decay
Grasslands Mummy 3 9 Death III,Irritable III,Spooky IV Brittle
Grasslands Nasty Rat 1 5 Nature II,Feral II
Mines Nymph 3 9 Venom III,Sorcery III Tenacious
Cove Oarsman 1 5 Armed V,Rage II,Irritable IV Fury
Jungle Ogre 4 13 Burly III,Rage II,Stupidity II Predictable
Cove One-Headed Monkey 1 6 Feral III,Irritable III,Pickpocket III
Grasslands Orc Warlord 4 11 Armed V,Irritable V,Stupidity II Predictable
Jungle Owl Bear 3 8 Rage III,Nature II Fury
Cove Pearl Guard 3 10 Feral III,Irritable II,Aquatic IV
Cove Pirate 3 8 Armed III,Rage II,Pickpocket I Aggressive,Rum,Crewmate
Jungle Pixies 1 5 Nature II,Demonic I,Sorcery I Tenacious,Thief
Jungle Plague Rat 1 6 Venom II,Feral II Loner
Jungle Poisonous Snake 2 8 Venom II,Nature III Wandering
Cove Quartermaster 4 14 Armed V,Irritable IV,Burly III Spikey,Rum,Respite
Jungle Rat Berserker 2 9 Rage III,Armed III Sluggish
Grasslands Rat King 4 7 Armed III,Irritable III,Feral III Leader
Grasslands Rat Man 2 6 Armed III,Irritable III,Feral II
Cove Reverse Mermaid 4 9 Aquatic III,Armed V,Spooky II,Nature I Aggressive,Decay
Mines Rotting Corpse 2 12 Rage II,Burly II,Ghoulish II Decay,Wandering
Grasslands Rubber Ducky 0 4 Irritable II,Stupidity I
Mines Rust Monster 1 6 Venom II,Burly II Wandering
Grasslands Scary Spider 1 6 Nature II,Spooky III Frail
Grasslands Scorpion 3 8 Nature IV,Armed IV,Feral IV
Cove Sea Monkey 2 8 Feral III,Irritable II,Pickpocket III,Aquatic III,Electrical I
Grasslands Shade 3 7 Death V,Spooky IV Tenacious,Night Owl
Cove Ship's Cook 3 9 Pickpocket III,Rage II,Irritable II,Burly II Fury,Rum,Respite
Grasslands Skeleton 2 8 Armed III,Irritable II,Spooky III Brittle
Cove Skeleton Pirate 4 15 Death II,Spooky II,Ghoulish III,Pickpocket I Brittle,Aggressive,Crewmate
Grasslands Snake 2 7 Death II,Feral IV,Nature III
Grasslands Sorceress 3 7 Death III,Flame IV
Mines Spider Drill 2 9 Sorcery III,Burly II Bulwark,Aggressive
Cove Three-Headed Monkey 3 10 Irritable V,Burly IV,Feral III,Nature I Aggressive,Bulwark,Fury,Mundane
Mines Troll 4 14 Venom III,Burly III Fury,Mundane
Mines Vampire 3 9 Demonic III,Ghoulish III Leader
Mines Wailing Ghost 2 7 Sorcery II,Demonic II,Ghoulish III Tenacious,Loner
Cove Werecrab 3 10 Spooky II,Armed IV,Nature I Tough
Cove Werecrab Mage 2 9 Spooky III,Sorcery III,Aquatic II,Electrical IV Frail
Jungle Worm 3 9 Ghoulish II,Venom III,Stupidity II Tenacious,Night Owl
Grasslands Zombie 2 9 Death III,Irritable III,Spooky III Decay
Mountains Abominable Snowman 1 7 Snowman II,Feral I,Frost I,Nature I Snowmanable
Mountains Brain Child 1 5 Smarts III,Irritable II,Stupidity I Wandering
Mountains Ice Cream Monk 1 6 Monk III,Frost II,Alpine I Aggressive
Mountains Mountain Goat 1 5 Irritable III,Pickpocket II,Alpine III
Mountains Plain Brain 1 6 Smarts III,Stupidity II Wandering
Mountains Yakkety Yak 1 6 Frost I,Alpine II,Feral III
Mountains Bird Brain 2 8 Smarts III,Irritable II,Nature IV,Stupidity I Wandering
Mountains Gelato Cube 2 8 Frost IV,Venom II,Demonic II Frail
Mountains Mix Master 2 6 Monk IV,Armed III Aggressive
Mountains Mountain Walrus 2 6 Frost II,Alpine II,Feral III
Mountains Objectionable Snowman 2 7 Snowman III,Feral III,Frost I,Venom II,Objectionable Snowmanable
Mountains Poindexter 2 8 Smarts IV,Sorcery I,Irritable III Wandering
Mountains Profitable Snowman 2 8 Snowman III,Frost II,Pickpocket I,Profitable Snowmanable
Mountains Pygmy Mammoth 2 7 Frost III,Burly I,Alpine III
Mountains Respectable Snowman 2 8 Snowman III,Alpine III,Respectable Snowmanable
Mountains Slushie Elemental 2 8 Frost IV,Aquatic III Frail
Mountains Brainbot 2000 3 11 Smarts V,Electrical V,Irritable III Wandering
Mountains Commendable Snowman 3 9 Snowman IV,Alpine V,Frost III,Commendable Snowmanable
Mountains Dishonorable Snowman 3 9 Snowman IV,Alpine IV,Pickpocket IV,Feral II,Dishonorable Snowmanable
Mountains Elk 3 10 Armed IV,Nature III,Alpine IV
Mountains Formidable Snowman 3 11 Snowman IV,Burly II,Formidable II Snowmanable,Mundane
Mountains Frost Giant 3 11 Frost V,Alpine V,Burly IV Mundane
Mountains Ice Cream Elemental 3 11 Frost V,Alpine V Mundane
Mountains Keeper of the Cones 3 14 Monk V,Frost V Aggressive
Mountains Knowledgeable Snowman 3 12 Snowman IV,Alpine IV,Smarts III,Knowledgeable Snowmanable
Mountains Monk Defender 3 14 Armed V,Monk IV,Frost IV
Mountains Scooper Trooper 3 12 Monk V,Frost IV,Gunnery III Aggressive
Mountains Serpent Brain 3 12 Smarts IV,Irritable III,Nature V Wandering
Mountains Snowgre 3 10 Frost V,Rage IV,Stupidity III Sluggish
Mountains Spider Brain 3 11 Smarts IV,Irritable III,Venom III Frail,Wandering
Mountains Adorable Snowman 4 12 Snowman IV,Adorable,many Unique cards Snowmanable
Mountains Arch Vegan 4 14 Feral V,Alpine V,Snowman IV,Monk III,Stupidity III
Mountains Generic, Non-Infringing, Cartoon Ice Princess 4 12 Frost V,Spooky V,Alpine IV Respite
Mountains Grand Taster 4 18 Monk V,Frost V,Alpine V
Mountains Sharp Wit 4 9 Smarts IV,Most tier 1 cards
Mountains Sharper Wit 4 10 Smarts V,Most tier 3 cards Skilled,Unfavoured
Mountains Sor Bae 4 12 Aquatic V,Alpine V,Frost V

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