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Hero archetypes (aka Classes) in Guild Of Dungeoneering are as old as the hills. It's a concept that lets you say that this hero is good at healing and that one is better at smashing faces and basically everyone gets it straight away. However there are a couple of twists. First, a lot of classes don't sound like the regular fantasy RPG classes as there is a lot of humor injected into this game. Second, since Heroes always get reset to level 1 at the end of a map you unlock new classes rather than keep your individual character's progression. Rather than developing a particular character, you progress by customizing and leveling your guild.

Current List Of Classes[edit | edit source]

Starter Hero

First Level Heroes - Costs 50 gold

Second Level Heroes - Costs 500 gold

Third Level Heroes - Costs 2000 gold

DLC Heroes - Only found

  • The Drunken Sailor
  • The H2Omancer
  • The Swashbuckler
  • The Ice Cream Monk
  • The Snowitch
  • The Yodeller