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Hero archetypes aka Classes in Guild Of Dungeoneering are as old as the hills. It's a concept that lets you say that this hero is good at healing and that one is better at smashing faces and basically everyone gets it straight away. However there are a couple of twists. Firstly a lot of classes don't sound like the regular fantasy RPG classes as there's a little humor invade this sometimes overly serious genre. Secondly since Heroes always get reset (you can level-up in a single dungeon run, but once you are back in the guild it's back to their starting stats) we are using the unlocking of new classes as a replacement for how you might level-up a single hero in other games. Essentially your guild is the hero you are role-playing as in Guild of Dungeoneering, and thus that's what you level up and customize.

Current List Of Classes[edit | edit source]

Starter Hero

First Level Heroes - Costs 50 gold

Second Level Heroes - Costs 500 gold

Third Level Heroes - Costs 2000 gold

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